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New Homes

New Homes | Cheryl Libbert - Patton International Properties - Frisco,TX

At Cheryl Libbert - Patton International Properties, we have a home-buying resource center that can help with all of your new home purchase questions. From home-buying help to the ABC’s of real estate, we are a source to help smooth your road to purchasing a new home in the Frisco area. Start by filling out a Buyers Request Form and submitting to us. One of our exceptional agents will contact you with all the information you have requested and may need.

Homeowners’ Insurance - How does your credit score affect your homeowners insurance. What is the cost of homeowners’ insurance? Learn the basics of homeowners’ insurance.

What Not To Do - Learn the reasons it’s ok to delay buying a home. Do not make any major purchases before you are ready. We can help you decide if buying a home is the right decision for you.

What To Do - We will help you better understand forced savings, income tax savings, buyer’s remorse and stable monthly housing costs. When buying new homes, the cost is the most important part to understand.

Resale Value - There are many items that factor into your resale value. Location, neighborhoods, house size, landscaping, lot size and view are just a few examples. We can explain them all to you. When shopping for new homes, many couples are looking for a home with it all. Let us help you make your home their dream home.

Offer Price - We can help with comparable sales and figuring your comfortable offer price.

If you want answers to all of these questions and many more, please call us today. Not only will we be able to answer all of your questions at Cheryl Libbert - Patton International Properties, but you will also be able to look through our new homes guide while waiting for our response.

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